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STS Tour : Sharks & Dolphins all day!

Yesterday's tour was a beautiful combination of serendipity and accumulated ocean knowledge

Understanding your local ocean environment takes time; it can require months on the water, scouting locations, searching for wildlife patterns and learning which winds and swells will present ideal conditions. Considering our explorations span roughly 60miles of the Hawai'i Island coastline, it's taken 2 years for Jim & me to even sort-of feel like we have a foundation of knowledge about what to find / where, and we know there's still so much more to learn.

Our morning started off on a great note, Jim was captain and I was crew, we loaded our guests onto the boat and made our way out of the harbor, coming upon a pod of Spinner Dolphins right in the harbor channel as we left. We stopped for a few minutes and allowed our guests to view the pod from the boat while we shared information about the various unique behaviors of Spinner Dolphins. The harbor channel is too dangerous a …

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