2015 was a year of growth! We kicked it off in a new home on a new island with so many adventures in store. We shared laughs and tears, moments of frustration and triumph. 
We got married!! and enjoyed a little beach side wedding on the North Shore of Oahu heart emoticon
We bought our first boat and were three miles offshore when that boat decided to stop working; Jim learned how to fix the boat (ten times over) and allowed us to view several species we’ve never encountered before, like Striped Dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) and Silky Sharks (Carcharhinus falciformis).
The launch of our Hawaiian Mermaid Experience events catapulted us into a whole new exciting part of our business and has allowed us to host three fantastic 2015 events. We’re so thankful to everyone who signed up and are beyond excited to take our Mermaid Experience international in 2016!
We had a ton of fun creating new products like our Ava, Coralia and Nerissa prints for Gypsea Swimwear (http://gypsea.myshopify.com/collections) and are excited to announce the return of our official SeeThroughSea photo clutches in 2016! 
In hopes of continuing to help our ocean environment and its inhabitants, we’ve become members of the Marine Mammal Response Network and have trained for events like Humpback Whale entanglement and Monk Seal haul outs. 
Today we’re excited to announce that a new swimsuit printed with this image, made by Kokoh Bikini, will be sold in 2016 and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to shark research and conservation! 
2015 flew by quicker than we could’ve imagined and we’re so grateful for the opportunities we were presented with to meet new people, explore new places and most importantly, learn. We’re looking forward to many new adventures on the 2016 horizon and are endlessly grateful for the support from our family, friends, community and you! We love and appreciate all of you and wish you a very wonderful new year filled with laughter, love, learning experiences and brilliant adventures of your own!
Alicia & Jim Ward


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