I can't seem to locate a word that properly describes how much my heart and soul love this photo. On this day, Hannah Fraser and I weren't really sure where we would go or what we should shoot, so we packed everything possible (cameras/outfits/gear) and decided to let life lead us.

The location we ended up at offered it all : contrast, color, the smooth surface of the water coupled with the raw rough rocks... We were simply in awe at the glorious beauty of nature.

Hannah was, as always, a photographer's dream. The water was quite chilly, especially compared to what we're used to, it was probably around 60 degrees fahrenheit. Though Hannah shivered above water, as soon as she dipped below the surface, it was as if time stood still: her face was serene, her form was graceful, her reflection peered calmly back at her, the only movement underwater was the soft ruffling of her dress and the only sound present was the lethargic "click-click" of my camera shutter as it captured my subject in low lighting.

What's wild is we only spent a short while in the water, 45 minutes at most. I realized that a bolt in my housing was leaking and so I had to call the shoot. It wasn't until later that evening that we glanced at the images and were left absolutely speechless. It was such a beautiful reminder that magic is alive and well in this world and sometimes the most fortuitous moments are gifted to us amidst a series of unusual events.


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